Wired Mural


This mural is painted on a temporary facade of some storefronts that are under construction on the corner of Telegraph Ave. And Dwight Way in Berkeley, California.
I worked with the Telegraph Business Improvement District to place the mural as an effort to curb graffiti and beautify the local area. There are two segments of the mural, both of witch are titled “Wired” which is a name that was suggested by local photojournalist, Ted Friedman of Berkeleyside.
The main part of the piece, along Telegraph, is 118ft x 12ft long and was painted in two days with the assistance of friend and fellow artist, Turtle Wayne. This depicts a literal telegraph machine with the receiver at one end and transmitter at the other. In between, there are relevant “urban iconography” that I felt exemplified the district placed along the telegraph wires. Around the corner, on Dwight Way is a smaller 20ft x 12ft section that i painted on my own in one day, that shows a very cheerful giant coffee cup with a bicycle partly submerged in it.
I did the illustration to scale and then translated it onto the wall using house paint, brushes and rollers.

Client: Telegraph Business Improvement District, Berkeley

I was lucky enough to have some interviews with local media about my art and about the mural. You can read the articles here:

Press: Eastbay Express, Daily Californian





The second part of the mural, around the corner on Dwight Way:


And some shots of the mural at night:


This is what the wall looked like before the mural went up:

Here is what the original approved sketch looked like:

You can visit the mural while it is still up:

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