Urban Mattress Mural

This mural is on the wall inside the Urban Mattress store on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California. The final painting is approximately 16ft x 10ft, and depicts an inviting bed-scape surrounded by a stylized, moonlit nighttime scene of the city of Berkeley.
The color choices were based off of company brand colors. I did the illustration to scale and then translated it onto the wall in 1.5 days of painting on site using latex house paint and a brush. Music in the timelapse, making-of video by San Francisco funk band, Hot Nine.

Client: Urban Mattress, Berkeley






This rough drawing was the original concept sketch for the project:


And this is the final approved illustration before going to painting:


Visit the mural if you are in Berkeley! (Also a good stop to make if you are in the market for a quality mattress.)

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