Idea Machine Painting

This 6ft x 4ft triptych is made up of three consecutive 2ft x 4ft stretched canvases. The painting was commissioned by Jack Morton Worldwide for an internal event for employees at eBay in San Jose, California. The majority of the painting was done live during a day-long event to compliment the tech creativity with artistic creativity.
The concept of the painting was embody the process of creating an idea and bringing it to fruition. With that prompt, I created this bold, stylized, isometric depiction of a crazy idea machine. The “ideas”, symbolized by a raw block of material, harvested from the hillside on the left of the painting, and move through the machine to become fully formed lightbulbs on the far right of the painting. The colors used were the established color-scheme of the event. I did the illustration to scale and then translated it onto canvas using latex house paint and a brush.

Client: Jack Morton Worldwide for eBay






This is the original rough sketch of the illustration concept:

And then this was the more “refined” version that the painting was based on:

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