Green Oakland Painting


This 6ft x 4ft triptych is made up of three consecutive 2ft x 4ft stretched canvases. The painting was done as part of a large fundraiser event for GRID Alternatives in downtown San Francisco, California. We wanted to create an image that embodied the spirit of local community and green/solar energy, with a focus on the city of Oakland, California. With that prompt, I created this fun, stylized aerial view of Oakland. Focusing on a future where we have full integrated responsible green, sustainable energy. The illustration features Oakland landmarks and sights like Lake Merritt, The Tribune building, BART, and the Port of Oakland. I did the illustration to scale and then translated it onto canvas using acrylic paint and a brush.

Client: GRID Alternatives






This was the original approved drawing that the mural was based off of.



And here is a bonus shot of me and my cat in front of the finished painting (for scale).


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  1. David says:

    Super cool! Wow.

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