East Coast vs. West Coast eBay Mural

This mural is painted on the two-story lobby wall in the entrance to the remodeled executive offices at the eBay Campus in San Jose California. The painting’s total size is approximately 24 feet long, 26 feet tall and was hand-painted over the course of five days using acrylic house paint and brushes. Painting was done from a Scissor-lift while renovation was still being done, before the large ‘floating’ stairway was installed in front of the mural.

The mural’s theme is San Francisco vs. New York City, as a nod to the home towns of the main ebay executives. Different landmarks from both cities are all mixed together into one large, harmonious blending of East vs. West Coasts with specific buildings from the San Jose eBay Campus in the center. There are eBay themed items and fun discoveries to be found throughout. The final digital design was also used for printed t-shirts, notebooks, and other branded eBay merchandise.

Client: Ebay, San Jose

Before the stairs where installed I was able to get some photos of the full unobstructed painting:

This is the original design that the mural was based off of:

This image was the rough sketch used to first illustrate the concept:

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